Historical Stories

Artifacts in and of themselves are just “old stuff.” It’s the stories behind them that make that old stuff come alive. We welcome you to read here some of the stories behind the historic items at the Port Hope Area Historical Society.

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Main St. Diorama & Companion Book

"In the summer of 2019, after nearly two years, the project was complete. A diorama display that is four feet wide and twelve feet long, with over thirty structures lining both sides of Main Street. Included are over 100 “little people players”, Port Hope residents that made the town what it was."

Harold Finkel's Mail Buggy Story

"Built approximately ninety years ago by part time mail carrier, Harold W. Finkel, it was able to deliver mail thru the roughest of weather conditions."


Port Hope now has farms with hundreds of acres and dairy farms are few and far between, but those that remain are each milking hundreds of cows. How did farms start in Port Hope? Thankfully we have the 1880 Agricultural Schedule of the US Census to tell us about those Port Hope farms.
The Port Hope farms of 1880 were just a few years away from woodlands.